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The bearing does not run smoothly. First, consider to solve these four problems
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摘要:Overheating is the biggest culprit of bearing failure, mainly because bearing heating is generally an alarm signal of abnormal operation of the machine, and failure to deal with it as soon as possible will cause chain reaction such as damage to the machine. Common causes of bearing heating include:

Bearing Overheating

Overheating is the biggest culprit of bearing failure, mainly because bearing heating is generally an alarm signal of abnormal operation of the machine, and failure to deal with it as soon as possible will cause chain reaction such as damage to the machine. Common causes of bearing heating include:


Low bearing accuracy and improper selection

The bearing accuracy is not up to standard or there are differences in selection, because the machine can not meet the best operating conditions, it will directly lead to the bearing heating. Solution: select bearings with specified accuracy level as required by the official requirements.


Large vibration

For example, the alignment process of the coupling does not meet the requirements, the rotor has dynamic and static imbalance, poor foundation rigidity, weak foundation, rotating stall and surge.

Some rotors are corroded by medium or worn by solid impurities during operation, or the shaft is bent, which will lead to unbalanced centrifugal force, resulting in bearing heating, vibration, serious wear of raceway and even damage.


Insufficient cooling

The lack of cooling is usually manifested as: pipeline blockage, improper selection of cooler, poor cooling effect, etc.

The cooling effect of the cooler of the lubricating pipeline will be worse because of the scaling and blocking, especially in summer.

The scale of the cooler is serious and the bearing temperature is too high. The frequent alarm will be encountered in many production sites. The more effective way is to acid wash the cooler before summer every year.


Improper installation

Improper installation is another important reason for bearing heating. Because whether the bearing is installed correctly or not has a direct impact on its service life and the accuracy of the main engine, the center line of the shaft and the bearing hole must coincide during installation.

If the bearing is not installed correctly, the accuracy is low and there is deflection in the bearing, the moment will be generated during rotation, which will cause the bearing to heat or wear. In addition, the bearing will produce vibration, increase noise and increase temperature rise.


Dust and pollution

In precision machines, motors and other equipment with high requirements for the environment, all kinds of suspended particles in the air will enter the bearing working environment and produce various hazards. Corrosive particles may wear components, and conductive particles may interfere with component current. Once the particles accumulate around the bearing, they will accelerate overheating. Obviously, choosing the right IP protection level can alleviate this problem to some extent.

In the general environment of outdoor equipment or conditions, although the whole bearing system has corresponding protection, it should also be protected as far as possible to avoid secondary damage caused by sand and dust. In addition, it is easy to be wet outdoors, and moisture will corrode bearing parts. When the moisture and the particle pollutants in the air mix together, it is even more fatal to the bearing, further shortening the service life of the machine.


Power supply problem

The harmonic current caused by high frequency switch and pulse width modulation may lead to voltage and current distortion, overload and overheating. Thus, the service life of machine and bearing is shortened, and the long-term equipment cost is increased.

The damage is always caused by partial discharge. The oil film between the inner ring groove of the bearing and the steel ball acts as a dielectric (capacitor) and is charged by the bearing current.

Once the voltage is high enough, the short-circuit discharge will corrode the metal and the rotor speed will accelerate the corrosion. The higher the rotation, the thicker the oil film, the higher the voltage, the greater the damage; at low speed, the oil film "contact" area is larger, and the risk of damage is much lower. The higher the speed, the higher the rated power, the higher the DC voltage, the greater the risk of damage.

Once the damaged steel ball surface is corroded, it will cause permanent vibration of the inner and outer rings.


Improper lubrication

Lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of bearings. Lubrication has an important influence on the fatigue life, friction, wear and vibration of roller bearings. About 40% of bearing damage is related to poor lubrication. The purpose of bearing lubrication is to form an oil film between the rolling surfaces of the bearing, so as to prevent direct contact between the metal and the metal.

The effect of lubrication on rolling bearing is as follows:

1. Reduce friction and wear, and extend the service life of bearing;

2. Exhaust the friction heat to prevent the bearing temperature rising too high;

3. Prevent the invasion of foreign matters and play the role of sealing;

4. Prevent metal corrosion.


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